Every year SRPC awards one scholarship to one graduating senior from Sweetwater, Roscoe, Highland, and Blackwell schools. We also award one to a student at TSTC. Anyone who is eligible to apply may do so by following the link above and downloading the application.  Please follow the instructions that are with the application.

The Club House is on the South side of the road, and the Gate to the Range is on the North side of the road.. The Range is at the North end of the Airport Runway.



On certain occasions (open range days, local law enforcement training, etc) the main gate is left unlocked and open.

Signs are hung on the gate post.

Please do not lock the gate if signs are present. 

An Important Message to Each Club Member

Our annual gun show is our primary source of income (other than membership dues). Your help is needed to be able to put on The Gun Show. Please attend the next meeting (05 March 2019) and sign up to work a couple of hours at The Show. You can pick the day, time, and location you want to help.

If you sign up at the next meeting, and work at the show you will get a coliseum parking pass and your name in a drawing to win $1000.