Silhouette Shoot

1st Saturday of the Month!

Gate combination will be changed on January 10


​Reminder-Your membership card is required at all time on the range.

It's almost time for the gun show!

Volunteer signup sheets are available!

Some of the positions needed are 

-Night Guards         

-Ticket Sales            

-Front Door              


-Rear Entrance         ​

Members who sign up to volunteer will be given a vendor's parking pass!!!

The Club House is on the South side of the road, and the Gate to the Range is on the North side of the road.. The Range is at the North end of the Airport Runway.


On certain occasions (open range days, local law enforcement training, etc) the main gate is left unlocked.

Signs are hung on the gate post.

Please do not lock the gate if signs are present. 

Remember to close and lock all gates!