We will have our monthly meeting at 7:30pm on 03/02/17at the club house.  This will be our last meeting before our gun show on 03/10/17.

​If you are a member please come, we will be going over final details for the show.

We will have  trap shoots at different times through out the month at the trap range. The public is invited, weather permitting. For times and dates please check our Face Book sites. For the public

​​it is Sweetwater Rifle and Pistol Club  and for members it is


​We will be Starting our 40th year of IHMSA Silhouette Matches this year.

​Match dates are  02/04/17, 03/04/17, 04/01/17, 05/06/17, 06/03/17, and

​07/01/17.  Registered shooting will start at 10am.