†††††††††† The Sweetwater Rifle and Pistol Club is located in Sweetwater, Texas and was first organized in the 1940ís.† The club has remained active until the present time.†† We are a private gun club with approximately 200 members. We are proud members of the NRA and offer discounted memberships to our members who are also enrolled in the NRA.† We are also members of the IHMSA.

†††††††††† In our clubhouse, we have an indoor range for 22 rim fire weapons only.† Our outdoor ranges are set up for rifle and pistol.† We have a separate area set up for shooting trap.† We are currently holding a conventional bullís eye pistol qualification program in the 22 rim fire only.† It is part of the NRA marksman program.† The meetings for this are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM in the clubhouse.† For further information on this, please contact us by e-mail.

†††††††††† Also, in early spring we will resume our handgun silhouette competition.†† We will also post times for this activity as time gets closer.

†††††††††† We usually have at least two sight-in days that are open to the public during the fall to get our weapons fine tuned for the hunting season.† All upcoming events will be posted on our calendar monthly.

†††††††††† In conjunction with the Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup held every year in March, we hold our SR&PC gun show in the Annex to the coliseum.†† We welcome new members.† Please contact us with any questions you might have about events or membership.

Text Box: Here is the 2014 list of SRPC officers

Text Box: President -- Carroll Kearney

Text Box: 1st Vice Pres. -- Janie Porter

Text Box: 2nd Vice Pres. -- Ray Fried

Text Box: Secretary-Treasurer -- Frank Healer

Text Box: 2-year Board Members -- Doug Alexander & Roger Willams


Text Box: 1-year Board Members -- Danny Allred & Linda Hall

Text Box: Range Officer -- Benny Deleon

Text Box: Executive Offficer --Robert Peterson